The study of works of English literature in English lessons

Teaching English is very closely connected with the study of English culture and literature. Familiarization with the culture of the countries of the studied language undoubtedly occurs through acquaintance with the best examples of classical and modern literature.

Fiction plays an important role in the formation of a human personality. The experience of many generations, basic moral and spiritual values are embedded in fiction. Through reading, students learn the norms of moral behavior and morality. During reading, both cognitive and emotional spheres of personality are involved.

Reading fiction in a foreign language (in particular, in English) allows students to broaden their horizons, learn about various cultural and historical events, increase their active and passive vocabulary, and increase both linguistic and general cultural knowledge. Reading in English contributes to the dialogue of cultures, introduces schoolchildren to the realities inherent in other cultures, other peoples and nationalities.

The use of books for reading when teaching English contributes to the development of intellectual and cognitive abilities. Newly acquired linguistic and socio–cultural knowledge and skills can significantly increase the level of motivation of students and help them feel more confident in using English — regardless of their level of language training.

The novelty of this modified program consists in an integrated approach to learning, which allows you to develop not only reading skills, but also in other types of speech activity. The presence of components such as an audio application, additional tasks, and verification tests will make classes integrated, exciting, and motivating for further, including independent study of English and reading fiction.

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